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We only begin work once you have approved it.

Your our first priority.

We are a member of SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals)

We collaborate with you for your individual look.

We design your brows according to your face structure.

Why Our Studio...

What really makes us different...Is we truly care about you.  Inspiring women to look their best and be their best not only gives her self confidence but gives her wings to fly!

Because you matter!

We use only the highest quality Permanent Makeup Inks from LI pigments to insure the best results.

We work in a completely sterile and clean enviroment.

We use only the highest quality tools: from high quality Micro blade needles (Tina Davies) to Cheyenne hawk and Bishop rotary pens.  Quality equipment insures quality work.

​2316 Esplanade Drive Suite 101
Algonquin, IL  60102